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Council loan funding safety repairs to Jackson Bay Wharf

Construction work at Jackson Bay Wharf has uncovered a serious health and safety concern that Council will need to rectify before the wharf can reopen to the public. Graham Liddell, from Liddell Contracting shared his recommendations for this work and ongoing inspection and maintenance plans with Council on Wednesday 30 June.

“Public safety is paramount for Council, particularly in areas where there is already a high risk,” advises Mayor Bruce Smith. “Councillors had no problem approving loan funding an additional $250,000 to ensure that when the wharf reopens it is safe for the public to use. We expect staff to continue to work with the Ministry of Business and Economic Development to try to secure additional funding on top of the $1 million already received so that we can recover costs from the loan. We also expect the contractors to complete the work before leaving the site to allow us to reopen the wharf safely at the earliest possible convenience. If we had not approved the loan funding, we might not have been able to reopen the wharf until we could be assured that it is safe to use.”