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Community engagement

Hokitika Racecourse

Westland District Council (WDC) are seeking the views of the Westland community on the potential future use of the former Hokitika Racecourse site.

To enable the successful application for funding through the Infrastructure Acceleration Fund (IAF), from central government, preliminary plans have been developed to inform the potential need (including the size and quantity) of roading and 3 waters, (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater) infrastructure, to service any potential development of residential dwellings,  

To help you to respond to this survey you will need to read the Supporting Information document.

Questions within the survey refer to maps and images that are found in the accompanying Maps and Images and the Supporting Information document.

For more information on this project please visit the Hokitika Racecourse project page.

This survey has been arranged in the following sections

  1. - Integration and utilisation of buildings and land areas
  2. - Residential, Recreational and Community/Commercial spaces.
  3. - Types of Residential Dwellings.
  4. - Park Street Extension